Terms of Service

1. All terms and conditions stated on this page apply to all users

2. Once the client adds our bot to their server, it means that they fully agree to the terms and conditions mentioned on this page and any terms that may be added in the future.

3. You are obliged to report bugs and errors immediately in our discord. Under no circumstances should you take advantage of them.

4. If the bot behaves abnormally (e.g. sending suspicious dms or similar) this must be reported immediately, as there could be a suspicion that the bot may have been hacked.

5. Our bot will never send you a dm unless you use the !grab command. If this is not the case, you must contact our support.

6. You are not allowed to impersonate the bot as yours or rename it as your bot.

7. All customers must confirm that the personal information they provide to us is correct in order to register on the site.

8. Our support is available on our discord.

9. We may change the terms and conditions or add new ones at any time.

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